TAdvSmoothTileList Anchors?

I am trying TAdvSmoothTileList with HTML Visualizer.

Is there any way to get anchors working?
If not, could you consider adding support for it?

That is indeed a good suggestion and we'll consider it.

Thank you, in my opinion custom anchors are the most useful feature in your components.
Thank you for adding support for anchors, it works great.
Screenshot from my app (smooth list on left, smooth tile list on right):

I have one more question - when tile content is maximized, is it possible to scroll content within tile?
If not, it would be nice to have option to show vertical scroll inside tile.
Also have some issues when resizing with tile maximized - it switch maximized content to normal, while keeping tile maximized - and some more painting errors happen. Can you reproduce this?


there are unfortunately no scrolling options in the maximized tile. We'll consider this for a future update. We have applied a fix for the resizing issue.

thank you, regarding scrolling - it does not have to be scroll bar, since this is fancy looking component, maybe some arrows can appear when mouse is close to bottom or top of tile (if there is more content that can be displayed). I am showing description from auctions in the tile and it can be very long, also it can have many images that take space, so some way to show full content is important for me. For the time being, I have workaround with button to open it in popup window.

this way it could work for small tiles too (optional) and it would not be disturbing. I hope you will consider it ;)


Thank you for your feedback.
We'll add this as a feature request.