TAdvSmoothTabPager tab color [DELPHI7]


When I use TAdvSmoothTabPager, TabApparence colordown properties won't work when I run but in my ide it was ok.
This is a bug?


There is anyone here?
Where is the support team?

How can we reproduce this issue? When dropping a default TAdvSmoothTabPager on the form and setting AdvSmoothTabPage.TabAppearance.ColorDown = clRed, this works as expected.

Ok, well my mistake (or maybe a bug ;-) ) is that with the IDE, the colordown is use and on run mode it's the selectedColor.
(With D7)


With designhittesting the down color is used to show the active tab, at runtime the downcolor / selected color is correct.

We will investigate this here if we can fix this issue at designtime.

Kind Regards, 
Scheldeman Pieter

Thank you.


Stéphane PEREZ