TAdvSmoothSplashScreen Show Error

I added a TAdvSmoothSplashScreen to my data-module so that it gets shown as early as possible (in the OnCreate event) during application startup.  This was working fine until the TMS update a few days ago.  Now there is an exception in the components Show method.

If I move the calls to show the TAdvSmoothSplashScreen to the OnCreate event of the main form there's no exception.  The data module is created before the main form.

Has there been a change in how the splash screen is drawn?  If it's to be shown early it can't rely on the application's main form.

Hello David

We've located the problem and solved the issue.
The AdvSmoothSplashScreen should work again as expected in the next update.

I just traced it and found the call  to set FDPIScale (in Show) was causing it.  Adding a check for assignment before it solved it for me.  Is that what you did ?

It checks of FMainForm is assigned and if not uses an alternative way to get the DPI scale.
As mentioned, this fix will be included in the next scheduled update.