TAdvSmoothSplashScreen ProgressBar


i have (maybe) a problem with the ProgressBar ValueType / Maximum / Minimum / Position.

ValueType = vtAbsolute
Minimum = 0
Maximum = 500

It seems that, whatever number i put in Minimum / Maximum properties, the component just ignore them and use the couple

Minimum = 0
Maximum = 100

just like the ValueType was = vtPercentage

I've also tried with your demo



Maximum = 1000 or 500 or even 20

It's normal ? I am making some wrong assumption ?

Thanks, ciao !



We have no issues with the progress bar here. Can you send us your sample so we can investigate exactly what is going wrong?

I think i'm a little goofy, i don't find a way to attach a zip file to my post....

but, i've only taken your "Demo3" of AdvSmoothSplashScreen, and set the ProgressBar sub-property

Maximum = 1000

at design time.

ValueType is already vtAbsolute, and the code doesn't change it (...it seems to me...).

When you compile and run the demo, you see that the Progress Bar updates itself as if the Maximum value is 100, not 1000 (or a different value, i've used 1000 because it's simple to see that the bar doesn't upgrade in little steps, and when arrive at Position = 100 the bar is completed).


We have investigated this here and have applied a fix for this issue.
The next version will address this.

Thank you for reporting this!

Thanks to you Pieter, i thought i was too old for this job !