TAdvSmoothProgressBar progression

Good morning,

maybe nothing but in a project i change a normal progress bar with TAdvSmoothProgressBar.

What happend is that while the progress bar increase the value, the smooth effect is applied only in "odd" numbers.


maxvalue 100 position 0

Position 1 = the smooth effect on progress bar is visible

position 2 = the bar is increased but not smooth

position 3 = the bar is increased with smooth effect

and so on...

To reproduce

new form, one TAdvSmoothProgressBar and one ttimer.

in ontimer event

SPB1.Position:=SPB1.Position + 1;


Of course, i miss something...

thank's for reply



Hello Daniele

I'm not quite sure what you mean with the smooth effect.
Is this the glow that passes over the progress?
If that's the case, it might be possible that this is just an inconvenience with the timer settings.
The glow effect starts every couple of seconds, so if you set the timer to 3 seconds you should get a glow effect on every position.

If this is not what you meant, could you please elaborate on what problem you're noticing?

Kind regards
Gjalt Vanhouwaert 

Hi Gjalt,

this is the matter.

Tthe timer is set on 1 second, but the visual effect it's not so bad ....

Thank's for reply

Have a nice week end