We are using the TAdvSmoothPopUpTouchkeyboard Component.

After selecting the [KeyboardType:] ktCustom, we created a customized virtual keyboard with UTF8 special characters.

When we add new Keys to the Collection, they have a property called [ShortCut:]?! What is this property for? 

We would like to give our users the possibility to access a specific key on the virtual keyboard, by using a Shortcut-Key-Combination from their actual physical keyboard.

For example:


To directly write the $ sign into an EditField.


Is there any way to call a specific letter on a standart ktQWERTY or ktCustom virtual keyboard by using Shortcut Keys? 

The touch keyboard doesn't interfere with keys sent from the phyiscal keyboard. The touch keyboard will only act like a physical keyboard when its keys are clicked by sending keys to the focused control. When ShortCut property is used, this is the key that is sent to the focused control instead of the displayed text on the key.

Thanks for the reply. 

Could you give us a short guide on how to define a custom keyboard? 
Can we create our own KeyboardType? 
eg. ktUTFSpecialChar 

We are not sure if we implemented our Custom Keyboard correctly.

The layout of the keyboard is defined by the AdvSmoothTouchKeyboard.Keys collection.

So, you can add & remove keys via this collection to create your own custom keyboard.
Set KeyboardType to ktCustom and then change the Keys either at designtime or at runtime.