If assigning a Form to the TadvSmoothPopup.Control property then unless you set the form's DoubleBuffered property to True, the TadvSmoothPopup,PopupAt() routine can visibly indicate the form's movement around the screen as black rectangles while PopupAt() works out where to display the form. Its worse if the TadvSmoothPopup is already showing its control (my efforts to stop another call to PopupAt() by checking the TadvSmoothPopup.visible property doesn't seem to make any difference as visible is false even when its clearly not :) )


The AdvSmoothPopup is not designed to display forms. It already uses a form to display the contents assigned to the Control property. typical uses are panels, which contain additional controls.

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If I put a panel on the form that I have been using as "control" and have it host all the controls of that form and then use this panel as the TAdvSmoothPopup.Control, the drawing is just as bad, in fact worse because the "Doublebuffered" property on the form I was originally assigning to "control" has no effect any more.

We are unable to reproduce this here, can you send us a sample?