TAdvSmoothPopup and HighDPI?


I have a problem with TAdvSmoothPopup (v. running on a HighDPI system and compiled with Delphi 10.2 Tokyo: the control elements are not scaled correct:  Header font is too small as well as Header itself. Same holds for footer and other elements, that are assigned by Control property.

Application itself has been made HighDPI aware. So howto make to popup HighDPI aware?

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Howto reproduce:

place a button, a panel and another button on this panel on a new form, add AdvSmoothPopup and assign Panel to Control Property.
The first button should call the popup: AdvSmoothPopup1.PopupAtControl(Button1, pdRightBottom);
Then add HighDPI Awareness on application and compile. Run on 96 DPI as well as on 192 DPI and compare the results.

We have added improvements for high DPI. The next update will address this.

Thank you!

Just installed Should the problem have been fixed with that build? As far as I can see the header / footer are using a scaled font now. But the arrow does not scale and more severe, any control, that is placed on a panel and where the panel is attached to control property still do not scale.

Just place two standard buttons on a panel, then attach this panel to popup.control and run on High DPI. The buttons then are shown too small.
Be sure you are using Delphi Tokyo (this problem might not happen with earlier versions of Delphi).

What exact Tokyo version do you use? Is this update 3?

Yes, Tokyo 10.2.3 is used.

We applied a further improvement for the handling of controls inside the TAdvSmoothPopup. The next update will have these improvements.

Great!  Thank you for looking in this issue.