TAdvSmoothMessageDialog - Strange effect in RC

I use Delphi 6 and Delphi 2007.
I need to have access to machines that use my programs via remote control.
I use UltraVNC to make the remote control.
I noticed that when I use the remote control, I can not see all the messages of my program that use the component TAdvSmoothMessageDialog.
You already know about this problem? Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance.

Raffaella Zanchi

I can only suspect this is an issue with UltraVNC with semi transparent windows.
I have retested this here with Windows remote desktop but could not see a problem here.
Could you check with the company providing UltraVNC if there is a limitation with semi transparency?

I did some research and I found a setting for the UltaVNC program that solves the problem: it enabled the alpha-blending capture.

I'm getting something like Raffaella mentioned -- if I call a SmoothMessageDlg I find the whole SmoothMessageDialog is invisible but modal, so it is really h-a-r-d to find it to close it. The only way I know it is there is that the underlying Delphi code running beside the form gets whited out.

This seems to happen with my main form, the app is not remote control in any way but is a large Win32 forms app. I'm calling the SmoothMessageDlg using an AdvSmoothbutton on an AdvOfficePage. In a test with a plain form there is no problem. Any advice?

DelphiXE, Win64bit, AdvSmoothMessageDialg unit version


Could you please email a sample source project with which we can reproduce this as it is unclear what is causing this. Also , what is Win64bit ?  There are many versions of Windows that are 64bit. Is your machine with XP theming, Aero  etc.. etc... all this information is relevant.

Sorry, I meant Win 7 64-bit. All the Aero effects are at default settings as far as I'm aware, that is yes there is an aero effect, captions are semi-transparent.

Bruno, I cannot yet replicate this. Anyway the matter is not as urgent as other work, I was experimenting with the new look MessageDlg but there are lots of other changes I'm busy with.

The form has an AdvOfficePager with pages which contain sub AdvOfficePagers, so the whole app is complex. ( I do wish I could click the pager control to go from page to page in design-time, that makes life a lot easier navigating. As it is I have to cghange the ActivePage in the Object Inspector to get to design pages which are not visible.)


I'm sorry but I see no issues here to change the active page at design time by just clicking the appropriate page tab. How exactly can this problem be reproduced?

Sorry if not clear.

 I mean when the size of the enclosing Form or in the case of child AdvOfficePagers the size of the parent AdvOfficePager does not permit the page to be seen. In my case I have about 12 pages arranged with the Tabesettings Height at 120 and arranged on the left of my Form. The bottom three or four are not seen when the form is the height I want it to be as a default. For one of these 12 pages there is a child AdvOfficePager with about 7 pages arranged in the usual way with tab at the top, but only 3 or 4 of these are within the area of the parent AdvOfficePager. 

Cheers -- Mike

What you mean then is a request for page scrolling at design time. We'll investigate if we can add support for this in a future update.