TAdvSmoothMessageDialog - Effect on object focused

I use the component TAdvSmoothMessageDialog to show messages.
In some cases, closing a message box, the focus is altered and the related methods are not executed properly.
One case is when a message is displayed in the OnExit event of a TEdit: in this case the events connected with the next TEdit no longer work, as if they were disabled.
When the message is closed, the next TEdit is shown without the blinking cursor even if you can write in it.
This particular situation does not occur if the form on which TEdits are present is the MainForm.
The one below is the sample code to be applied to a form (not MainForm) containing two TEdits and a TAdvSmoothMessageDialog:
function TForm2.MyShowMessage(Txt: string; Buts: array of string): Integer;
const Shift = 100;
var I: Integer; S: String;
    with AdvSmoothMessageDialog1 do begin
      for I := Low(Buts) to High(Buts) do begin
        with Buttons.Add do begin
          Caption := Buts;
          ButtonResult := I + 1 + Shift;
      HTMLText.Text := txt;
      Result := ExecuteDialog - Shift;
procedure TForm2.Edit1Exit(Sender: TObject);
    MyShowMessage('test message', ['&OK']);
procedure TForm2.Edit2Exit(Sender: TObject);
    Caption := 'ExitEsecuted';  // something to do      ------->  this code don't execute!  <-------
Can you give me directions to resolve or to work around the problem?
Many thanks.

Raffaella Zanchi


I found a workaround to this problem, but it is very dirty: using keybd_event, I go back to the previous TEdit, then I disable the display of the message and I go to the next TEdit.
Does anyone know a better solution?
Thanks to those who can help me.
Raffaella Zanchi