TAdvSmoothListBox and FindComponent


I Created some run time AdvSmoothListBoxs, but why can't I  find them by theirs name with FindComponent?

I use D7 OS: Windows 7

When I try my code:

  ListOpc := TAdvSmoothListBox(FindComponent('Lst0'));
  if Assigned(ListOpc) Then Begin
     ListOpc.ItemAppearance.Fill.Color   := clRed;
     ListOpc.ItemAppearance.Fill.ColorTo := clRed;
     ListOpc.ItemAppearance.Fill.ColorMirror := clWhite;
     ListOpc.ItemAppearance.Fill.ColorMirrorTo := clWhite;

The assigned return always nil and the component with this name Lst0 was created.


Did you test this with a regular TListBox? Please test this first with a standard VCL control to ensure the problem is in our component and not in your code.