TAdvSmoothExpanderPanel.Caption.Line bug


1:  Drop a TAdvSmoothExpanderPanel on a form,
2:  Set the OnClick event  to turn off the caption line
     AdvSmoothExpanderPanel1.Caption.Line := false;

3: Run
4: Click the panel and the line disappears
5: Click the 'expander' button to shrink the panel
6: Click the 'expander' again to expand the panel:

Expected : The caption line remains hidden
Actual: The caption line is shown

Dear Mr. Pratt, 

The expander toggles the line if is not disabled at designtime. When the component is loaded. The flag will be set to true. Please call an additional   AdvSmoothExpanderButtonPanel1.Loaded; after setting the line to false to fix the issue.

Kind Regards, 

Hi Pieter,

Many thanks, that works.

It might be better to save the 'Line' state at the time when the panel is collapsed, rather than as part of 'Loaded'?