TAdvSmoothDock loading images at runtime

With a TAdvSmoothDock control, with a few items on it, created at design time, when you try to add a new item at runtime:
TAdvSmoothDockItem *item;
item = AdvSmoothDock.->Items->Add();
And assigning an image to it from a ListImage control.
TBitmap *Bitmap = new TBitmap();
ImageList->GetBitmap(0, Bitmap);
Shows the Image in the new item, but with no transparency.
if you add
item->image->Transparent = true;
Then the image shows transparent, but in its full size. instead of variable size as others items do as mouse hover over them.
even more, the mirror image always is shown with no transparency.
¿Any idea?
Thanks in advance.

Ok I have found a workaround for this problem.

it doesn't like me, but here it is:
 Graphics::TBitmap * tmpBitmap = new Graphics::TBitmap();
 ImageList1->GetBitmap(0,tmpBitmap); // Get de Bitmap

 TPngImage * pngImage = new TPngImage(); // now the workaround
 pngImage->Transparent = true;
 pngImage->TransparentColor = clBlack;  // Set the transparent color as TPngImage doesn't have a Transparent mode property.

 newItem->Image->Assign(pngImage); // now we assign the TPngImage not the TBitmap and That's all folks
 delete tmpBitmap;
 delete pngImage;
Now the item functions as expected.
If somebody can find something less tricky, let us know.
best regards.