TAdvSmoothCalendar and SelectedDate


When I set a date on the TAdvSmoothCalendar control manually in code using the SelectedDate property, the correct date get's selected by the calendar control, but the date is not shown with the SelectedDateFont or SelectedDateFill, i.e the user can not see what date is selected. 

When you select a date by clicking with the mouse it works fine.

Using version of the TAdvSmoothCalendar control.

Is this a bug?



I am not able to reproduce this here, we have changed the SelectedDateFill and it is reflected when setting the SelectedDate in code as well as at runtime so it is unclear what exactly you are experiencing?
Can you perhaps send us a sample that demonstrates this?

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Thanks for the reply,

I've sent a sample program that shows the problem to info@tmssoftware.com.

I don't change the SelectedDateFill. The problem is simply that the selected date is not shown when I select it by code.

Are we using the same version?


The latest version is please retest this with the latest version. 

OK, will test with latest version.

Tested! This issue has been fixed in version of the TAdvSmoothCalendar.