TAdvRichEditorFormatToolbar doesn't scale well

The TAdvRichEditorFormatToolbar to format HTML text in a TAdvRichEditor doesn't scale well.




Delphi 11

At this moment, there is only one icon size resource for the button.
We'll check how we can handle this best.
As a workaround, try to set a virtualimagelist based image to the format toolbar buttons that provides different icon sizes for different DPIs

OK. Also notice that the font and font size selection dropdowns go off the combo area.

Do the buttons have actions? If so, I can build my own toolbar using your other components easier as I did with the WPTools editor that had actions. I didn't have to write any actual code to do anything since the action did all that for me.

What do you mean with "go off the combo area"?

There are TAdvRichEditor actions indeed:

Sorry, what I meant was as the display scaling increases, the text in those two combo boxes slide further off the bottom of the combo. At 300% scaling you can only see the very top of the text. Likewise, the drop down arrow on their right gets pushed off as well. So it looks like the toolbar is cropping the combo boxes that are sizing themselves outside the bounds of the toolbar itself.

Thanks for showing me the list of actions that apply. I'll probably just build a new toolbar.