TAdvRichEdit gradual addition of items

I have identical code everywhere. I didn't see AdvRichEdit. He didn't draw anything and after about 25 minutes I canceled it.
BeginUpdate and EndUpdate cannot be used because I want to see every added item displayed immediately.
What's the problem?

procedure TForm1.btnAdvRichEditClick(Sender: TObject);
  I: Integer;
  AA: Double;
  AA := Time;
  for I := 0 to 10000 do
    adrced1.AddText('jdcsjapodjf adso Str:' +IntToStr(I));
  AA := Time - AA;
ShowMessage(FormatDateTime('nn:ss:mm', AA));
mmo2.Lines.Add('AdvRichEdit: ' + FormatDateTime('nn:ss:mm', AA));

Every time you add a line, the AdvRichEditor needs to do a text size recalculation.
If you use BeginUpdate/EndUpdate this recalculation is postponed till the EndUpdate call.
If you cause this way 10000x a text size recalculation (with 10000x an increasing number of lines to calculate), it will seriously affect performance indeed. There is no magic to solve this.

Well thank you. So it's unusable for my case. This is a listing of the DB backup progress. It is a pity.
He tried it because if I have EMBT VCL enabled in the application, TRichEdit will not change the font color.

Try at least to group adding multiple lines in BeginUpdate/EndUpdate blocks.

I thought about that possibility. I am convinced that this will not help much and the listing will still be very slow. Now I have a real 5,500 lines.
I wanted to use the color change (red) to highlight the failure error. This can be solved in another way.