TAdvResponsiveList clearing the list

If you click on a tile in the list and pick that up with the OnItemClick and say show a modal form. On closing the form you may want to clear the list.  If you do that however you will get an access violation as the mouse up event of the component tries to save the current item index.

I wonder if you could please look at doing this a little differently to prevent the access violation ( see below FItemUp gets destroyed in DoItemClick(FItemUp)

procedure TAdvResponsiveList.MouseUpN({%H-}Button: TMouseButton; {%H-}Shift: TShiftState;
  X, Y: Integer);
  FItemUp: TResponsiveListItem;
  i: integer;
  FXYDown := Point(-1,-1);
  FItemUp := FindItemAtPoint(Point(X + TopLeft.X,Y + TopLeft.Y));

  if (FItemUp = FItemDown) and Assigned(FItemUp) and not FXYMoving then
    if not MultiSelect or (Shift = []) then
      if MultiSelect then


      FLastItemClick := FItemUp.Index;


We've done a small improvement to allow to clear the list from this event.
The next update will have this improvement.

many thanks Bruno

I'm having similar problems with FMX.TMSFNCResponsiveList.  I've change line 1999 as follows to get around AV's.

    if (FHoverIndex <> -1) and (Items.Count - 1 > FHoverIndex) then

Thanks for this suggestion. I believe though it is better:

    if (FHoverIndex > -1) and (FHoverIndex < Items.Count) then