TAdvPopupMenu and Styles


I'm having a problem with the TAdvPopupMenu component and XE6 Styles.

When I set a style on the proyect options or set it at runtime, when the app is running the captions of my TAdvPopupMenu   items change to chinese on a secondary form of my app.

At runtime set the style back to windows, the captions are displayed correctly.

Any help?

Thanks in Advance,

Omar Zelaya

XE6 indeed broke custom drawn menus (like our TAdvPopupMenu) when VCL styles are used.
So far, we unfortunately did not found a workaround for this breaking change introduced by Delphi itself.

Hi Bruno,

Is there a QC Report for this?

Thanks in Advance,

Omar Zelaya

I'm not aware there is a QC or its number, we internally reported this.

Any progress with this problem on Delphi xe7.  I use a tadvMainmenu in a tadvtoolbar and got not text when using the vcl styles. A major problem because I cannot deliver to my customers?

Sorry, for use with VCL styles we do not have found a workaround so far. As I explained, it is code that is broken in VCL with respect to custom drawn menus.


XE7+Upd1 fixed about the chinese characters problem, but now when having a submenu the rect of the shadow is draw to far away of the rect of the submenu(about 50 pixels).


Any news on this topic?

Robert Jan van Vliet

Sorry, sadly we haven't got a breakthrough with workarounding the VCL styles breaking changes with respect to owner draw menus.