TAdvPolyPager issues


I am trying to use TAdvPolyPager with ImageList and I discovered following issues:

1. When creating TExpandableImageSectionItem on runtime, it is not showing image.
My code:
DashboardGroup := TExpandableImageSectionItem(ppDashboard.AddItem(TExpandableImageSectionItem));
DashboardGroup.Caption := c;
DashboardGroup.ImageWidth := 32;
DashboardGroup.ImageHeight := 32;
DashboardGroup.ImageIndex := 0;
DashboardGroup.ImageVisible := True;
2. Similar code for TImageTextItem is working and image from the same image list is shown but the icon is not blended, the semi transparent edges are painted black.

Just for your information, the same problem with not blending icons is also on TImageTextButtonItem. Probably common problem with PolyPager and list items supporting image list.


We have tested this here but are not able to reproduce this. Can you try with a TGDIPPictureContainer and real png's instead.

Have you looked at the second issue? For the first issue I will try to make a sample app.

Unfortunately, I am dependent on using ImageList, all icons in our app are loaded on runtime from database and kept in separate datamodule (actually, it is RemObjects Hydra plugin). First I thought that can be the problem, but it works fine for TImageTextItem in PolyPager

I am not able to reproduce the first issue anymore in original app too... Mystery...

So now the only problem is the blending of icons.
I reported the same issue for TAdvSmoothList some months ago and you have fixed it - so it will be something similar.

Can you provide the sample images / code that demonstrates this issue, we are still unable to reproduce this here.

Sample sent by email.