TAdvPenWidthSelector images discrepancy

In the TAdvPenWidthSelector control, it seems like the images used in the dropdown are not  the one displayed after selection.

For example, to make it simple, I reduced the default Selector Items to just three:
Item 0: ImageIndex = 0
Item 1: ImageIndex = 3
Item 2: ImageIndex = 5

When the drop down is shown, the images go from: thin, medium, thick (relatively speaking).  If I pick the first one, the selector then shows an image that is thicker than the one I picked in the dropdown.  It looks like it is showing the medium thickness instead.  Likewise if I select the medium one, the result show the thick line.  If I pick the thick line, it shows an even thicker line that isn't even in the dropdown images.

Almost as if the image drawn in the selector uses a higher image index than the one used for the drop down images.

Delphi Rio 10.2.1

Thanks for reporting.
We traced & fixed this issue. The next update will address this.

Any chance of adding an Anchors property to that control?  Not a big deal, but useful on sizeable forms.

Anchors will be available in the next update