TAdvPDFViewer ZoomFactor usage

How can the property Zoomfactor be used?

By example: changing the value to 2, there is no functionality to scroll inside the page? From top to bottom.

Is it possible, that user can change the zoomfactor value dynamically?

+1 !!!
Would be very much appreciated here also to zoom into a document.
We use it here to inspect technical drawings (PDF) on a touch screen.
Therefore zooming into details would be great !

The zoom factor is limited to the boundaries of the control. If you set Options.DisplayMode := dmContinuousTopToBottom, you can zoom in and scroll at the same time. You can not zoom beyond the width of the control as there is no horizontal scrolling implemented right now.

Hello Pieter,

understood - I already saw that this limit currently exists.

On the other hand this is exactly the reason for my +1 here. I would appreciate to see this horizontal scrolling and zooming.

I have a situation where I cannot open the PDF-File in a TAdvBrowser. In this case I use TAdvPDFViewer and my customers want to zoom in like it is possible in the Browser component.

Thanks, Tom

Hello Pieter,

thanks for your answer.
This help's me to improve the functionally to display the document.

I agree with Tom. It would be helpful to have horizontal scrolling too.

Greetings Juergen