TAdvPDFViewer Password

I see I can set a password (in advance) for the TAdvPDFViewer component and it does open a password protected file ok.

What I can't see is how to get it to prompt for the password. Is there an event or property that can be used for this? The user guide makes no mention of password at all.

The password is just a property that is passed alongside the opening, so before you set the FileName you can prompt for a password via default user interface controls.

OK, I see what you mean, you can retrieve if a document is password protected, but after loading the file, and the loading mechanism requires a password, so it's unclear exactly if we can load documents or check if it's password protected before loading it...

Exactly. I tried a few things to see if I could detect it failing to open after assigning the filename, but there's no real event to tie into.

I did think about using a timer to see if OnLoaded fails to fire, but that seems awfully clunky.