TAdvPDFViewer OnPageChanged Not Fired When Scrolling

I've just been testing the TAdvPDFViewer component and noticed that the OnPageChanged fires when I use the arrow keys to navigate, but not when the scroll wheel is used. The page number in the header does update though.

I want to use the OnPageChanged so I can show the page number in the application caption instead of taking up space with a header.

Is this a bug or is there another way to get the current page number as it changes?

I've also found that setting Options.TouchScrolling to false doesn't stop the scroll wheel from scrolling pages. I'd like to stop users scrolling via the mouse in some situations.

Another minor thing is the the help file mentions PageNumber where the property is actually PageIndex.

We've added MouseWheelScrolling option & fixed the OnPageChanged event. Next version will address this.

Good news. What does Options.TouchScrolling do then?

It gives a way to scroll through the pages with the left-mouse button, or finger on touch enabled devices instead of using a scrollbar.

OK, so with the next release I'll be able to disable the page changing via mouse scroll ?

Yes ,by setting Options.MouseWheelScrolling := False;

Is there any chance I can get the patch for the OnPageChanged event fix now?

Also, are there any plans to allow page rotation?

I sent you an incremental source zip via private messages

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Thank you.