TAdvPDFViewer LoadMode Property

I've noticed that there is a flicker as each previously unseen page is loaded. Digging into the code I saw a LoadMode property that is in the protected section of TAdvPDFViewerOptions.

Moving it in the public section allowed me to set the mode to lmPreload instead of lmDemand as an option in my application.

Preloading causes an added delay when loading files and the immediate increase in memory usage at load time as expected. If you scroll through the whole document the memory usage ends up the same either way of course.

Is there a reason that the LoadMode is not currently exposed as public / published?

LoadMode wasn't stable in preload mode, we need to do some more testing before we can publish it. We'll investigate. You can, in the mean time, access it via a protected class wrapper

  TAdvPDFViewerOpen = class(TAdvPDFViewer)



Yeah, it seems to interfere with the page rendering. I've left as a beta option in my app for now.