TAdvPDFViewer Event


when I load the same PDF file again I do not get an event "Loaded"
That the customer has a feedback, I have a display a Panel during the
loading the data. In the Event "Loaded" I make this invisible.

Only works if the file name has been changed or Firsttime

Is there another solution?

It's unclear why you would load the same PDF again? It's by design that the same PDF with the same name does not trigger a reload. If you want to reload the same PDF, you'll need to set the FileName to an empty string first and then to the PDF you want to load. Then it should reload the same PDF.

I have a help system that is based on PDF's.
Depending on the help key, a different PDF file is called and displayed on a form.
But it can also happen that the same key is pressed one after the other.
For this reason it can happen that the same PDF file is displayed(loaded).

therefore this question.