TAdvPascalMemoStyler MultiComment

Currently this component has a MultiCommentLeft and MultiCommentRight property which is set as { and }. What if we want {, } and also (* and *) as Multicomment.

Is this with current version possible? If not, can you extend this?

At this moment, it is one identifier for multi-line comments.
We've added it on the list for consideration for a future update to make this a comma separated list for multiple values.

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Hi Bruno,

I see that this functionality is added to the latest version but trying it with i.e. {,(* is not working. Is there a bug or I'm doing something wrong?

It is not needed to specify it this way.
TAdvPascalMemoStyler can already configured to accept both {} and (* )
Just add two ElementStyles to AdvPascalMemoStyler with the StyleType stComment and specify CommentLeft/CommentRight in one ElementStyle to {} and in the other to (

Hi Bruno,

yes this works. Crazy that I missed that setting in the past. But If MultiCommentLeft/Right is setup and you create a new ElementStyle in AllStyles for { } it comments all the code. I left Multicommentleft/right and added only a ElementStyle for (* *) and now everything works as expected.

Thanks a lot.

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