I've come across an interesting problem with TAdvPanel.  I added a TAdvPanel to my form, which I want to toggle between visible/invisible depending upon data content.  I'm still using cbuilder 2007 and version of TAdvPanel.

I CAN NOT make an invisible panel visible once the form has displayed. 
I CAN make a visible panel invisible once the form has displayed

I can make a panel whose visible setting is false visible from within the constructor ... form has not yet displayed. 

Am frustrated.  Critical suggestions are welcomed


I cannot reproduce this.
Test case:

Add TAdvPanel on form
Set AdvPanel.Visible = false

Add the code:
  AdvPanel1.Visible := true;

This makes the panel visible.

I can do that.  The specific problem is once the form is visible in the program.  A trigger will not  show the panel

The test case is AFTER the form is active.  I can only make the panel invisible.  once the visible panel becomes invisible and the form is active I cannot make the panel visible again.  Does that make my situation clearer

Please send a sample source project with which this can be reproduced.
With your information here, I cannot reproduce this.