TAdvOfficeScrollSelector not repainting correctly

As part of the advanced ribbon toolbar I am using the scroll selector (TAdvOfficeScrollSelector). I programmatically add a number of tools to the to scroll selector and as part of that add a picture to each tool. However I only get the actual updates visible when I move the mouse over the scroll selector area.

I presume this is because of the buffering approach - where FNeedRePaint flag on TAdvScrollSelectorPanel is not changed and so the display is drawn from the buffer rather than repainting using the changed tool. I have tested by overriding the 'invalidate' method on the scroll selector to set the need repaint flag and i then see the changes without having to move the mouse over - though this introduces unnecessary repainting as the buffer doesn't have to be redrawn unless something has actually changed.

Can you please add a mechanism by which the control can be told to redraw the buffer - i.e. that item(s) have been changed.


Just redrawing the item that has changed would be great if possible - the whole control flashes when it is redrawn.

In the next update, there will be methods BeginUpdate / EndUpdate added. 
Just add the items programmatically between BeginUpdate & EndUpdate.

Thanks so much. I do appreciate the great support that TMS provides.