TAdvOfficePager using TAdvOfficePagerOfficeStyler: Font.Size change is not applied at runtime


I configured the "TAdvOfficePagerOfficeStyler" component on a hidden form. This form is included on many different forms ("uses"-section). The other forms are using the "TAdvOfficePager" component. So I can change the style of every "TAdvOfficePager" component easily on one central place.

That works fine, but TAdvOfficePagerOfficeStyler.TabAppearance.Font.Size doesn´t seem to work properly.
Changing the size setting in "TAdvOfficePagerOfficeStyler" the font in "TAdvOfficePager" gets scaled directly at design time. But at runtime it seems to be resetted to a font size of 9.

The forms are scaled and my development machine runs at 96 DPI. The application is configured "Per Monitor V2".

I am using the latest version of the VCL UI Pack.

By the way - the component "TAdvOfficeTabSet" with "TAdvOfficeTabSetOfficeStyler" is behaving as expected!

Any idea?

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There is a lot of technical detail missing as well as Delphi version, letting us guess a lot of things that can be crucial.
We retested this by setting this up with a data module which would be the expected way for sharing a AdvOfficePagerStyler and change the TabAppearance.Font.Size from there but could not see a problem.
Test project is here
Project1.zip (7.2 KB)

OK, this is weird.

You are right. Placing the AdvOfficePagerStyler on a DataModule the font settings are set correctly.
Using the same AdvOfficePagerStyler on a hidden form, used like a DataModule, it doesn´t work, although this works fine, except for the font size.

I know the difference between a form and a DataModule. So what is the difference in this case? Why the font size only? Maybe the automatic DPI scaling of the form (scaled = TRUE)?

But it is OK. I will change to a DataModule and drop the hidden form. This will be the "cleanest" solution.

Thanks for your help!

(Delphi 11, Win10)

It is unclear what the difference is. It would be helpful if you could isolate this into a sample source project and provide this project + steps to reproduce so we can further investigate.