TAdvOfficePager under Delphi 11


Today I tried to load my project under Delphi 11 using the latest UI Pack version. I attach 2 screenshots of the same project opened under Delphi 10.4 and 11. Delphi 11 High DPI setting is set to low (96).Delphi 11Delphi 10.4

Can you please share some thoughts on this?

This might depend on your old Delphi IDE persisted settings. You might need to correct font size settings for Delphi 11.
Did you try to drop the TAdvOfficePager on a new app in Delphi 11?

When I create a new ribbon app I get the following

If I add a single AdvOfficePager it looks better

Did you try to run it as well? My ribbon: top design, bottom running application.
2021 11 19 17 07 06

Running makes things better

Well, Delphi 11 for sure makes this challenging with how high DPI design-time vs runtime was implemented. Different changes were applied though to make it behave better at design-time and these improvements will be included in the next update.

Thank you for your support!