TADVOfficePager - Prevent Undocked Tab from closing on "Alt + F4"

I have a tab on a TAdvOfficePager that is not locked and can be un-docked and docked. I have removed the System Menu from the floating form when it is undocked, but "Alt + F4" closes the floating form and it therefore vanishes from the software.

Is there some way of preventing this or forcing the undocked tab to dock when the floating form is closed?

Implement the OnCloseQuery for the floating form:

procedure TForm3.AdvOfficePager1TabUnDock(Sender: TObject;
  APage: TAdvOfficePage);
  APage.GetFloatingWindow.OnCloseQuery := FloatingFormCloseQuery;

procedure TForm3.FloatingFormCloseQuery(Sender: TObject; var CanClose: Boolean);
  CanClose := false;

Fantastic! Many thanks.