TAdvOfficeFontSelector dropdown width

When the TAdvOfficeFontSelector width property is greater than 345, the dropdown width is very narrow.  For widths 345 or less, the dropdown is wide and I would say it is about 345 in width because if I make the control 345 in width, the dropdown is about the same width.

The reason the is an issue (minor) for me is that the control is on a frame and is anchored left and right so it resizes based on where the frame is loaded.  I have one panel where the frame in loaded onto that causes it to be a size greater than 345.  I can change it so that it won't be greater than 345, but thought you'd want to know about this.

Delphi Rio 10.3.1


BTW, I can set the DropDownWidth to the control's width on the panel resize which fixes my issue, but if I leave the DropDownWith set to 0, then this issue shows up.  So no biggy, more of an unexpected behavior of the control.

When DropDownWidth = 0, the width of the dropdown should autosize to the max. needed width for the fonts displayed in the dropdown. This is what I see here.
When DropDownWidth is configured to another value, I see that this width is used here, regardless of the control with or dropdown content size.
This was tested here with a default TAdvOfficeFontSelector on the form and I could not see an unexpected behavior in this regard.

I agree that that should be the expected behavior, but unfortunately it is not what I experienced.  Not sure why, maybe an interaction with something else on the frame.  I'd send you an example but decided on a different control.  If I go back to it and still have issues, I'll send you something.  Thanks for looking into it though!