when i use the calculator dropdown the value calculated (for example 3*6) in the dropdown calculator don't stay in the advmoneyedit after closing the dropdown control....

what can i do?


I have retested this here with v1.1.2.4 and I cannot see a problem.
If the problem persists with this latest version, please provide more details/exact steps to allow us to reproduce this here.

i have this version too

so i give you some details of the operation...

at first i put programmaticly a value in advmoneyedit ..by advmoneyedit1.value:= 10..

advmoneyedit shows 10 ,00(thats ok)

i click on the little button at the right of the control.... the dropdown calculator is opening.... i type 50*100..
advmoneyedit shows 500,00 (thats ok)
i exit the dropdown calculator...
the advmoneyedit shows back 10,00 :(