Tadvmoneyedit, math and point

I have the following problem, I would like to be able to deactivate the functionality that allows the component to perform mathematical operations, the calculator keypad is fine, but when one presses the tallow "-" this must be reported as the sign of the value of the field.

The other problem is related to the point, in Italy the numeric keypads do not show the ",", but rather the '.', consequently to write a decimal value you cannot now use the '.'.
Normally we would handle the on keypress event to change the value of the '.' comma ','
but currently this is not possible because the '.' pressure does not reach the event.

Does anyone have any solutions for this.

Thank you

Hi ;

Please try to set ExcelStyleDecimalSeparator to true.
It will resolve you decimal problem.

Signed to true seems to works fine for me.
the negative symbol is revealed when you exit the calculator keypad.