TAdvMetroForm and border style

Hi , im converting normal TForm into TAdvMetroForm but when i set to code frmArtCodif.BorderStyle:=Forms.bsNone; at run time border system icon appear always ! 

Can i help me ? Bye

hi any news for me ? 

i noticed also at design time on the top of form there is a 'transparent' space with size of form menù ...

I'm not sure if it makes sense to use a TAdvMetroForm when you need a form without borders, as in this case, TAdvMetroForm would bring nothing extra compared to how TForm just displays a borderless form?

because i use it in other form in a panel.parent. Do you think to use tframe instead ?

In this case, I don't think the TAdvMetroForm brings useful features and a TFrame would be adequate. TAdvMetroForm was designed to provide regular VCL forms with a flat, metro-style caption.