Hi, is there any way to process huge files with TAdvMemo or other component?  We have a data file editor in one of our applications where the TAdvMemo works nicely, except that it seems to have a limit of around 350MB maximum file size.  Some of our customer files can be 1GB or more.
We have tried using the LoadFromStream function but this still appears to load the whole file.

Sorry, at TAdvMemo level, there is currently unfortunately not a built-in setting to limit the size to some specified size. You'd have to preprocess this before loading into TAdvMemo.

No we don't want to limit the size, the problem is that the control crashes when loading a file whose size is greater than around 350MB.  So it is not possible to process a 1GB file.  Is there any way to handle files of this size in a memo/edit control ?

I can only think you run into a memory use limitation here. If the memory is the issue, there is currently not a sort of built-in way that would load the file virtually unfortunately. The TAdvMemo always loads the file at once.