TAdvMemo Unicode not rendering text

When having a single line text including Unicode chars like this:

[2023-11-28 13:38:29.903]<File I/O>File: 'R:\船体情報\その他\RinasWeld\install\03_gdf\SF_1(280416)_DoubleHull.gdf' not found

The last part "ound" is not rendered and is invisible.
When selecting the japanese characters or moving to end of line it will display it.
It seems some sort of line length calculation goes wrong.

I can provide a test example if needed


Problem is most likely caused by double-width characters in the Japanese text.
TAdvMemo supports at this moment only fixed (single) width fonts.

2024-01-04-AP TAdvMemo

You might be right, I uploaded a small video of how it looks like.
If it's double-width characters, are there any plans to implement this?


This isn't a trivial adaption. We'll investigate deeper first.