TAdvMemo Split Panes

Hi Bruno,

Glad to see a brand new version of TAdvMemo has been issued, but still no split panes support (for my application is mandatory). Now I use a workaraound to assing the same TAdvMemoSource to two TAdvMemo and making additional tricks (like refreshing the TAdvMemo #2 when the #1 changes..), but it doesn't seem to be a reliable solution.
Are there any hopes to see the split panes feature built-in in the TAdvMemo in the future (near future I mean..) ?


Andrea Taglietti

This feature didn't make it for the v3.0 release as it required a too heavy restructuring of the control while we have almost no other users requesting this capability. What could be considered is to create a separate new control TAdvSplitMemo that could have this feature, but also this will first require deep technical review, estimation of development time and then judge if there sufficient demand to justify the investment it will require to develop this.

Hi Bruno,

Maybe a user poll could be useful to you to know how many users would be interested in such feature.
You can also evaluate the possibility to add this feature only in a new professional version of TAdvMemo with a higher price. TAdvMemo is one of the cheapest Memo controls on the market, other competitor products (that offer split panes) cost much more.
I would pay more to have a more advanced product.

Best Regards,

Please allow us first to make a technical analysis.