TAdvMemo linking bug/problem

TAdvMemo corrupts links/URLs when they are word-wrapped... so they don't work (they don't go to the right link because the link is chopped into one or more parts).

Please fix... this was the main reason I wanted to use TAdvMemo instead of TMemo.

Do you use the latest version of the component as I could not reproduce such problem here:

I'm using TAdvMemo Jul, 2017.

I was able to easily reproduce it:

void __fastcall TForm1::FormShow(TObject *Sender)
 AdvMemo1->WordWrap=wwClientWidth; // doesn't work here?
 AdvMemo1->Lines->Add(L"Use the HTML Inserter to quickly insert tags or the CSS Inserter to quickly insert CSS properties. There's also a JavaScript and a PHP Inserter.");
 AdvMemo1->Lines->Add(L"You can customize the User Inserter with your own tags, code, or any text you want. You can even execute your own shell commands. For more information visit:");
 AdvMemo1->WordWrap=wwClientWidth; // works here after lines have been added

With this example we could reproduce this issue and we have now fixed this. We can confirm this will be addressed in the next update.

Great, thank you.