TAdvMemo Line Endings

Is it possible to make TAdvMemo behave like TMemo with regards to line endings?

By this, I mean that if you mouse click on a line beyond the current end-of-line position of that line, it should place the caret at the current EOL position and not the mouse click position.

Also, when pressing Cursor Right Key at the EOL of a line, don't just move right - there's no data there :slight_smile: - move to position 1 of the next line (just like you move to EOL of previous line if you press Cursor Left Key at position 1 of a line).

Of course, if I manually enter some spaces at current EOL, these should be remembered and taken into account when determining the (new) current EOL of that line.

In other words - undo all the EOL handling that TAdvMemo does on top of TMemo, but keep all the other enhancements (what I want is a TMemo component with URL detection that behaves like a TMemo with regards to EOL - that's the only reason I use TAdvMemo in this instance :smiley:).

Set AdvMemo.AutoExpand = false

Thank you - so simple, yet so hidden :smiley:

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