TadvMemo issue 2

Ok, I figured out how to get the autocomplete to fire, but how the heck to you
add new items and set the coloring and the icon?

If I do this in the GetAutoCompletionList:
      alist.Add(format('%s %s',['TABLE','Companies']));
      alist.Add(format('%s %s',['FUNCTION','get_dir_list']));
  alist.Add(format('%s %s',['VIEW','userst']));

it adds and shows, but the table, function and view parts are colored to what appears to be teal.
How do I tell it to use a specific icon for TABLE that is in the autocomplete image list?

I must be missing something on how to do this, any ideas?
I had all this working years ago, but I don't have the code anymore and I can't remember how I did it because it's been so long.

Thanks in advance :-)