TAdvMainMenu.ShowNotes Vertical Alignment


If I use single-line menu items in TAdvMainMenu/TAdvPopupMenu then the single line is vertically centered. But, if I add a second line with TAdvMainMenu.ShowNotes then the 2 lines are flush vertically aligned to the top of the item. How can I make 2-line menu items be vertically centered as are all other menu items ?

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PS: you can see the effect in your documentation, at the top of page 8 of http://www.tmssoftware.biz/Download/Manuals/TMS%20Advanced%20Toolbars%20and%20Menus.pdf.

At this moment, multiline text is always top aligned. Single line text can have vertical alignment control. This goes back to how the Windows API DrawText() operate which is used internally in the menu component.

Thank you. I'll just patch the source to add 1/2 of the height of the last line, as it seems that the multiline menuitems just add an extra return of the height of the notes.