TAdvMainMenu MDI merge problem


I'm creating a new MDI project (Delphi 2010). The MDI parent has a TAdvMainMenu, as does the MDI child.  When I open the MDI child, the child's menu completely replaces the parent's menu, so the parent's menu items are not visible. What am I doing wrong? 

The MDI child's menu's AutoMerge is false (but changing it to True yields the same results).

Is it possible to have mdi child forms to keep their own menus?


Did you have a look at the MDI demo for AdvMenus?

What is your app doing different from this demo?

Just looked at the demo, which does not have a menu on the child form. My child form does have a menu.

I'm not a newbie to Delphi (I cut my teeth on D4), but I am a newbie to MDI apps.  Why can't my child forms have their own menus?


Found a partial solution: By setting the groupindex property, I now get the fully merged menu.  My real question still stands, though... Is it possible to force the child's menu to stay on the child window? AutoMerge := False, yet the merge still happens?


It is prescribed that in MDI apps, child windows do not have their own menu:


"Also, the child windows in an MDI application are not allowed to have their own menus, so the Frame window must manage the application menu"

Bruno Fierens2014-06-02 04:25:02