TAdvMainMenu and 4K (high DPI) display

I'm wondering if anyone has encountered use of TAdvMainMenu with 4K (high DPI) displays.   I'm using Delphi 10.1 Berlin (Update 1).  I have the Project | Options | Application's "Enable High-DPI" checkbox checked.

In the IDE, all looks fine.  But when I run the program, all of the menu options are squeezed together with the captions truncated (the font sizes are fine, however).  On a side note, no images have been added -- I'm only talking about the widths of the menu options that are not accommodating for the high DPI environment.

I've learned about the various followup coding actions that are necessary with other VCL components (TMSSoftware's and others) to make components render properly in 4K displays, but I can't see how/where to tweak parameters for TAdvMainMenu.   The menu caption widths need to be amplified via the ubiquitous call to MultDiv(), right?

Other main menu components (the one that comes with Delphi, as well as the Jedi Visual component TJvMainMenu) don't exhibit this anomaly.  So could this be an oversight with TAdvMainMenu, or what do I need to do to make it work? 


Ok, I answered my own question.

After finding https://www.tmssoftware.com/site/atbdev.asp, I found out that I need to detach the TAdvMainMenu from my main form and then drop in a TAdvDockPanel.  I then add a TAdvToolBar (easily done by right-clicking the TAdvDockPanel), and then in the Object Inspector I reference my TAdvMainMenu via the TAdvToolbar.menu's property.

The main captions are now beautifully spaced.

However, I'm seeing the dropdown menus are not as wide as they should be, so I'll need to find out how to adjust the dropdown widths in a high DPI environment.


Same problem here. Seams like TMS has no solution for us right now. It's component is not ready for High DPI.