TAdvListView selection color


I have an application with 2 Owner Data TAdvListViews. I'd like to have it so when the user highlights an item in the first AdvListView the selection color (blue with white text) stays the same when the user unfocuses the control (say, for example to go to the 2nd ListView). Currently when the control is unfocused the selection color goes to light grey.

Is there a relatively easy way to do this?

Thanks & kind regards,

Set AdvListView.HideSelection = false

Hi Bruno,

I should have explained -

I've already got that property set to false.

I'm looking to modify the grey color when it is set to false.


I see that, like a standard VCL TListView, it indeed shows the selected rows in a light gray when the control has no focus. This appears to be a new behavior, at least from Windows 7.
To avoid this, set AdvListView.OwnerDraw = true