TAdvListView Filtering

I am struggling to find any help around using the filtering in a TAdvListView.

I am calling

  lvUsers.SetFilter(1,0,0,'My Text');

but this doesnt seem to do anything.
Are there any examples around on how it implement filtering with the TAdvListView????


Further to the above, I have tried having the FilterBar visible but when I type something in, the filtering doesnt happen which makes me wonder if I am meant to be doing something else.


Hello Jeremy,
It seems, that the filter mechanism is just an easy way to encapsulate Win32 features to actually edit/display a filter value within the header cells, nothing more, nothing less.
So you'd have to implement the actual data filtering yourself in the "OnFilterChange" event as far as I can tell.
With "GetFilter" you may retrieve the filter values for a specific column and use it for whatever needs to be done.
That's all I could figure out so far from shortly looking at the sources and demo.