TAdvListEditor bug (high contrast)

When using TAdvListEditor using high-contrast themes, it does not have any ability to adapt to the theme so the result looks horrible:

Notice the almost unreadable green on white background.

I tried replacing the Color in TAdvListEditor from clWhite to clWindow (which is supposed to be window color set by the system) but it keeps reverting back to clWhite.

Also there is no "ParentBackground" property which is the usual thing with controls to use the theme colors instead of own colors when theme is set. The above is "high contrast" theme in Windows. Examine how regular standard controls look OK and even TAdvOfficeFontSelector also behaves correctly. TAdvGlowButton also doesn't recognize high contrast themes.

How do I fix these for high contrast theme?

Thanks for reporting. We have made improvements for high-contrast in these components. The next update will have these improvements.

Thanks Bruno, appreciate your efforts!

After checking the latest update of component pack I see that basically no change has been done to the TAdvListEditor as promised above.

Have you tested the component on the high contrast theme?

Here is how it looks - notice again the unreadable "a" on the white background.

Just for the reference, this is how regular edit box looks like (TEdit) on the same theme:

Basically, the clWindow is not erased to the high contrast theme and is still not being replaced with the color used by the theme as I explained in my original post posted a few months ago.

Will we see this bug fixed? If so, please give time estimate.
Also, TAdvGlowButton also still has the same problem:

We have seen an issue with font color initialization on TAdvGlowButton and we have fixed this. Next update will address this.
With TAdvListEditor, this has default a black background color here in high contrast mode. Do you use this component with default settings?