TAdvGridHeaderPopupList disappears on second Form

I recreated the example from the TAdvStringGrid manual concerning TAdvGridHeaderPopupList. That works fine.

Problem 1:
When I put the Grid and everything else on a second Form, and call that Form from the First form a problem arises: when I show the PopupList it disappears behind the second form with the grid the moment I click on a column from the grid to drag it to the PopupList.

Problem 2:
It is possible to show the popuplist more than once. But when I try to remove the extra lists, an error occurs.

I also tried using a TAdvGridColumnPicker, but that's even worse. It gives me all kinds of strange errors. E.g. the cursor stays in drag&drop mode. Or I can't drop the column.

We have fixed both issues. The next update will address this.

Thank you!