TAdvEdit Paste Multi-line Text

In the newest version of TAdvEdit, the capability of pasting the first line of multi-line text was added.  This is a welcome fix.  However, I would prefer the implementation paste all of the copied text with the end-of-lines replaced with spaces or removed.

If I copy and paste (without the quotes):

I get, with the current implementation, no text.  Nothing is pasted because the first line is blank.  The second and third lines are the ones the user cares about.  The user would be expecting to see "test" after the paste, and would delightfully surprised if "test this" or "testthis" appears.

If there is some reason to not allow the entire text to be pasted, then at least do a left trim on the Clipboard.AsText so the user doesn't get frustrated that nothing gets pasted.


We've added this on the feature request list for consideration for the next update.