TAdvEdit etFloat precision

Is there a way to allow an arbitrary number of displayed decimals in this control, including zero?

For example, if I set precision = 2. The user enters 60, the display updates to 60.00.

If precision = 0, the user cannot enter a decimal point at all.

It would be useful if precision = 0 meant the user could enter any number of decimals, and the display would remain as entered.

Am I missing something?



0 = 0 decimals
-1 = any number of decimals

That works.

thank you!


Is there a setting that will allow exponentials, such as 12.34e-5?

etAlphaNumerics will not allow '-' or '+'

I could always use text input with masks.


Sorry, there is at this moment not a setting for exponential in etFloat mode.
You could use etValidChars and specify your set of accepted characters.

Yes, etValidChars was easy, and works perfectly